London, February 8, 2013


Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd., regrets to report that their 2008 built, UK flag, 8063 dwt operated general cargoship 'MV Esther C' was boarded by pirates on the evening of February 7 whilst in international waters in the Gulf of Guinea. Having stolen personal possessions, the pirates departed the vessel taking three crew members as hostage. The safety and well-being of these seafarers is the Company's absolute priority and all possible steps to secure their return are being taken. The nine crew members remaining on board the vessel are reported to be safe and well. Families of all crew members have been contacted and are being kept informed of the situation.


All the appropriate authorities have been informed and are assisting.

The "MV Esther C" is under full command and has resumed passage. Another Carisbrooke vessel is preparing to rendezvous with her within 24 hours to provide support and assistance.


Any further external enquiries should be directed to:


John Wickham + 44 (0) 7795 807 052 or

Pat Adamson +44 (0) 7836 766 947









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