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We are a privately owned shipping company based in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight (the heart and soul of UK sailing) and located about 10 miles south of Southampton, 20 minutes door to door by regularly served fast catamarans. The company has evolved into a worldwide shipping operation from relatively modest origins dating back to the 1960's, trading barges and small coasters and supplying general cargo to the Isle of Wight.

We are currently owning/operating around 60 modern dry cargo vessels, ranging from 5,000 dwt upto 20,000 dwt and have actively been modernising our fleet in the recent past with an average age today of around 3 years. Further complementing this modernisation, we have a new building order book which will add further units from our partner shipyard in China, which includes our 8,000 and 10,000 DWT Super Green Ships.

Our focus since our first new building program back in the 1990's was the European 5,000 dwt coaster market where we already held a presence servicing various trades between North Europe-UK to the Mediterranean and Black Sea and vice-versa carrying multiple commodities but principally grain, fertilizers, coal and steels. The vessels operating since then have shared a multi-purpose open-hatch and box-shaped hold commonality enabling them to carry various types of cargoes including containers, palletised cargo, forest products and project cargoes such as pipes, wind mill blades and leisure yachts.

In order to meet both customer demands and new developing trades, we upgraded our initial 5,000 dwt new-building program into a deep sea trans-oceanic version increasing the sizes to 10,500 dwt and 20,000 dwt and fitting them with heavy duty self-sustained cranes and tweendecks. The success of this subsequent program helped us in tailoring future new designs of geared 8,000 dwt bulkers, 12,400 dwt MPP-Tween and grab-fitted 13,400 dwt bulkcarriers which are now the backbone of our deep-sea trade.

Whilst our headquarters are located in Cowes, we also have a network of supporting technical and commercial offices located in;

-Leer (Carisbrooke Shipping Management - a fully self sufficient and independently qualified technical manager),
-Zwijndrecht (Soetermeer Fekkes -commercial management up to 7000 DWT and cargo brokerage),
-Bremen (Carisbrooke Germany GmbH- which specialises in project/breakbulk cargoes).
-North America (Salient Maritime - exclusive broker for 'bulk' cargoes in North America)

In addition to vessel ownership, commercial management, and the provision of technical ship management services, we also perform shipbroking, agency activities, and newbuild supervision."

Robert Wester, Chief Executive Officer

Carisbrooke Shipping
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It has come to our attention that certain individuals have been falsely representing themselves as capable of facilitating employment and visas to work on Carisbrooke Shipping vessels.

It is very important that any genuine applications are handled exclusively through our Personnel Department using email address only.

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